Production potential

In order to achieve the medium-term strategic goals and objectives of the company, including the optimization of costs, increase harvesting, processing and sale of ferrous scrap, as well as improving the quality of products, the company successfully implement a program of technical re-equipment and modernization, within which was successfully completed the next stage of the modernization of Loading and Unloading equipment – purchased and put into operation 43 truck brand “Kovrovec”, equipped with magnetic and grapple.


In the period since 2008 have been installed and commissioned 10 units of modern scrap processing equipment: stationary shears “Sorekh” (made in France) – (1 unit.), Mobile shears “Sorekh» and «LEFFORT “- (9 units.).

Thus, in 2008-2010 investments JSC “Kazvtorchermet” in the modernization of production amounted to more than $ 20 million.

In addition, the company has stationary hydraulic presses (made in the Czech Republic brand CPA-400,630,1000,1250, PL-450, Russia grade B-1638 in the amount of 14 units., Mobile presses manufactured in Europe – 4 units., Hydraulic shears brand NBO-340, Swarf Crusher , hoisting equipment (overhead cranes, cranes HPA-5, mobile cranes, gantry cranes and cranes on pneumatic and crawlers), modern weight management.

24a-lefortPri It should be noted that the analogs of companies JSC “Kazvtorchermet” technical equipment in Kazakhstan is not, which allows the Company to date, primarily to make the delivery and maintenance of high quality metallurgical combine refined metallurgical charge.


In order to increase the volume of collecting and procurement branches in the period until 2018 is also planned modernization and trucks – the purchase of 30-40 units Lomovozy.

Production capacity:

The volume of the blank scrap per year to 1.2 million tonnes
The volume of shipments of scrap metal per year to 1 000 000 tonnes