Our main advantages

  • Long way of Experience
  • An extensive network of branches
  • Stability receiving scrap of all kinds
  • High-quality processing of scrap metal
  • The quality of the supplied raw materials and strict compliance with GOST
  • Reliability and timeliness of delivery
  • Contemporary European scrap processing equipment
  • Highly qualified professional staff
  • Continuous improvement of existing and introduction of new technologies

    We have our own training center for training and advanced training managers (directors, deputy. Branch directors, chief accountants, masters of production sites) and highly specialized workers (drivers, loaders, operators of stationary presses and press scissors various modifications).

    The company is developing partnerships not only with consumers but also with non-governmental organizations, with whom it deals with contemporary issues in the sector. JSC “Kazvtorchermet” is a member of BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) – International Bureau for processing industrial waste and the Association “National Union of Industrialists secondary metallurgy.”

    The effectiveness of financial and economic activity of the company is determined by the labor organization, its payment, regulation and protection, support motivational environment, social protection of workers and the implementation of corporate social policy in general.

    Currently, JSC “Kazvtorchermet” employs around 1,000 people, including highly skilled workers of the following specialties: crane operators, cutter, press operators and truck “Kovrovec” slingers, hydraulic shears operators, machinists locomotives, etc. Work on the branches arranged in 2-shift mode.

    The company maintains and improves all the best traditions of social and personnel policy. In the production of proper conditions for work and rest: utility rooms, shower rooms, dining rooms, clinics, centralized supply overalls, etc. Professional and career development of young professionals is stimulated and supported by the leadership of JSC “Kazvtorchermet”: learning and training of the officers at the expense of the company; Planned staff travel to European production sites are indicative, the organization of their own courses for drivers loading equipment “Kovrovec” free training new employees appropriate working specialties, as well as training employees in secondary professions; competitions for the title of “Best press operator” and “Best driver backhoe loader” Kovrovec “,” Best cutter “, etc.

    The company did not forget about the veterans of labor – annually organizes holiday greetings and material assistance.

    Social orientation of “Kazvtorchermet” makes it possible not only to maintain the loyalty of employees and maintain the corporate spirit, but also to improve productivity.

    Our operating principles based on honesty, openness and trust, promote the expansion of partnerships with all stakeholders.