Corporate social responsibility

JSC “Kazvtorchermet” always strives to conduct its business transparently, fairly and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

By itself, the activity profile of “Kazvtorchermet” – the collection and processing of ferrous metals – primarily environmental project that allows you to save the natural environment for future generations. Realizing this responsibility, JSC “Kazvtorchermet” builds its production activities with the most modern technology.

Deliverers of scrap processing on our site are thousands of individuals and legal entities. For individuals, our company is a reliable partner that provides income residents the most depressed regions of the country, where people not enough to create jobs and to obtain any source of income is the most important factor. At the same time JSC “Kazvtorchermet” leads calculations with their suppliers in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Legal persons, especially large ones, as well as leading the development and extraction of minerals, in the face of “Kazvtorchermet” have reliable partners who is ready to reduce the cost of storage, processing, export all generated from them the remnants of ferrous metals. At the same time the company to solve their problems, but still get the money to transfer!

Employees of JSC “Kazvtorchermet” value their work for the stability and quite competitive salary. Working conditions created by the administration of AD, comply with all safety standards and safety established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our customers – both Kazakh metallurgical plants and similar enterprises in foreign countries – appreciate the products of processing of ferrous metals from JSC “Kazvtorchermet” for compliance with the standards, the implementation of the timing and volume of deliveries.

In general, all the activities of JSC “Kazvtorchermet” has a social orientation character. And this social trend is in constant development – JSC plans for the period up to 2018, and also includes the development of this area.!