“The nature around us is not that we have inherited from our ancestors, but what we got her for rent from our descendants.” This phrase fully describes the importance of the activities that leads JSC “Kazvtorchermet” on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Statistics show that per capita formed about 200 pounds of scrap ferrous metals annually. That is about 3.5 million tons per year! Which way this scrap is going to affect ? Firstly, a landscape,sSecondly, it can simply remain lying on the ground and thirdly, it may be buried in the ground, so as not to show piles of garbage … Fourth, scrap can be collected and sent for recycling.

If the 3.5 million tons of scrap that is generated annually in the Republic of Kazakhstan, will not get recycled, it will threaten our country environmental disaster, in comparison with which the problems of the Aral region seem insignificant. After the scrap is mainly formed where there are large industrial centers with a high concentration of population. In this case, black metal exposed to corrosion, especially in high humidity and temperature changes suddenly. As a result, about 10% of the scrap is not recycled, but this order of 350 000 tons annually, it may be in the soil and groundwater in the form of rust. On the affected land is unlikely that something good will grow, and the water will simply unfit for consumption either in agriculture or for animal and human consumption!

JSC “Kazvtorchermet” has been created in order to provide a healthy environment. For ’91 its existence collected, processed and sent to steel mills tens of millions of tons of waste ferrous metals. Millions of our citizens, thanks to the work of “Kazvtorchermet” do not know that there is danger of contamination of soil and water. Our people have the opportunity to drink water from underground sources and obtain products of crop with the highest environmental standards!