Kazvtorchermet Academy

Kazvtorchermet Academy

We in Kazvtorchermet believe that training and developing our workforce is the most important conditions to being ahead of our competition. Hence, we have mobilised all our staff development activities under one roof, and we proudly call it Kazvtorchermet Academy. The objective to set up our L&D centre is to create opportunities for Kazvtorchermet employees to upgrade their performance and develop their potential in the best manner possible. Training and development programs at Kazvtorchermet Academy help employees boost their professional development, expand their knowledge, master their skills and competencies, and reflect these improvements on their business results.

Our Academy’s mission is to cultivate business leaders with high-performance culture and who are able to carry out the organisational transformation through strategy-focused programs, which comply with our corporate values, aim at high quality, and guarantee continuous growth. Kazvtorchermet Academy offers a wide range of standardised and custom-made certification programs to meet all training and development needs of the company, and its subsidiaries.

Kazvtorchermet supports continuous upgrading of the environmental, technical and safety competencies of our employees, constantly conducting in-house short-term training programs on the above topics. In order to improve the quality of our educational programs, we are working with many domestic and international universities and learning centers. In addition to the above speakers, quite a few of our reputable managers conduct the courses on topics, specific only to Kazvtorchermet.



New employees enrol in Kazvtorchermet Academy pretty much on their first day at a new job – they will participate on the Orientation Program. Job specific programs recommended by our L&D team then follow it, or they can attend any Kazvtorchermet Academy programs they need for their personal development in line with their own development plans. They may also attend faculty and common programs if they comply with the specified profiles.